Our Founder

Tommie L. Johnson


          Tommie L. Johnson was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1952. Tommie was raised in Tuskegee, Alabama and witnessed first-hand the economic hardships and indignities of African Americans and all others who had to struggle daily for basic human rights and survival. His mother instilled in him a deep sense  of concern  for others, along with the courage, not only to stand up  for his own rights but to also stand up for the basic rights and quality of life for those  who have no voice, people in poverty. Tommie remembers what he experienced growing up, as he and his mother were homeless at least twice when he was in elementary school, once due to a tragic house fire and another time when his mother had to have surgery and had no money to pay for both her treatment and a place to live. Due to his own courage and commitment, Tommie continues to serve others in every aspect of his life.

As a high school student, Tommie became a volunteer firefighter with the City of Tuskegee Fire Department.  In this capacity, Tommie also served   Tuskegee as a member of the Rescue Squad as well as a member of the Civil Air Patrol.  During high school, Tommie served as a volunteer with the City of Tuskegee Recreation Department. He served as a coach for Pee-Wee Football and Pee-Wee, Youth and Adult Basketball, as well as teaching art and photography classes to school-age children in the City of Tuskegee.

From the time he was a high school student and through his college years, Tommie Johnson volunteered at the Veterans Administration Hospital (now known as the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System- East Campus-Tuskegee, Al) in Tuskegee, Alabama. He combined his love for photography with his commitment to service by volunteering in the Department of Medical Illustration. Tommie logged well over one thousand hours of service through the Veterans Administration Voluntary Service Program.

Tommie married and established his family in Tuskegee, Alabama.  Tommie volunteered to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Village School, Auburn,Alabama, when his sons attended the school. As a member of the Board, he helped to manage day to day operations, set school policy and contribute his time to the maintenance and upkeep of the building and school grounds.  Tommie's actions encouraged other parents to volunteer their time and talents to the successful operation of the school.

Tommie continued to serve the Tuskegee Community through his involvement with Boy Scouts of America. He served as an Assistant Scout Master with Boy Scout Troop 170, Greenwood Baptist Church, helping young boys grow in a nurturing, educational environment through the Boy Scouts of America.  He went on overnight camping trips and helped with other activities sponsored by Troop 170.  He served in this capacity for thirteen years and was very proud to see his two sons both become Eagle Scouts during his time as a volunteer to the Troop.

 A graduate of Roger Williams University, with a degree in Industrial Technology with minors in Legal Studies, Political Studies, Construction Science and Civil Engineering Technology, with further study in Public Administration and Urban and Environmental Planning, Tommie is uniquely positioned to understand the plight of those in poverty.   He served his community and his country during a 20 year career with the United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service in Auburn, Alabama. During his career, he saw that the needs of more people could be met if all laws were applied equally to protect ALL people, especially those in poverty and those without a voice, when their rights to needed services are violated by local, State and Federal governments.

Tommie L. Johnson created the Foundation for Service and Fairness to All Citizens in 2009.  The purpose of FSFAC is to hold accountable local, state and national governmental entities, their employees and their representatives, elected and appointed, for protecting, upholding and ensuring the rights of all citizens, in the services these entities provide, especially to citizens who work and live in poverty.  FSFAC serves citizens all across the United States of America and its territories whose income and family size, based on the United States Census Bureau, suggest they are impoverished.

Tommie continues his devotion to core human freedoms, freedom from want and poverty and the basic freedom to an excellent quality of life.